About the Creators

 Nathan Hartley (AKA Antihero)

Appearance: Scruffy looking, curly black hair, brown eyes, kinda goofy lookin', around 6' (180cm), quotes too many movies

Likes: Cake, Sci-Fi, Shiny Things, Coffee, comic books

Dislikes: Working, Possums, being broke, Thursdays

Are the Characters you draw based on anyone you know?

"Yes, but only to a certain degree... The person Jayne is based on is not actually a Goth, for example, and the person Blake is based on is not actually that much of a sociopath. There are certain personality traits that are still there, but not all of it is true to life..."

How do you come up with your comics?

"Again, some are based on my life, some aren't. I have an overactive imagination... that's about all the explanation I can give for this one..."

When did you start STF?

"It wasn't originally called Stranger Than Fiction, and half of the characters in it now weren't there... also the ones that are there from the original had a fairly large makeover before this incarnation of the comics. This is about the third or fourth version of the comics. It was originally just me poking fun of friends and having random events of me and Mitch (Blake in the comics) getting into trouble. I started sketching during classes at school back in 2004, and kept at it until I was happy enough with it to put it online. In the original version, there was no real storyline and no real artwork involved. The second version had some storylines, but still had too many random events. At that time I had planned on calling it "Generation Why?", but when I reformatted it for the website, that got changed as well as the character art."

 What do you do? Other than writing comics?

"Not much, other than work that is... I'm a Sci-Fi and general Movie geek, so a lot of my time is taken up by random Sci-Fi TV series' and movies, work, and also I'm creating a Role-play zombie survival game at the moment (Don't ask...)"


"I'm a drug runner. *laughs* No, seriously, at the moment, I'm looking for work, but any money I make comes from my part-time job as a "medications courier" for the local chemists. It's easier just to say Drug runner, even if it does get me some weird looks."


 Hayden (AKA Sparx139)

Appearance: short black hair, blue eyes, short(ish). Perpetually wears sunglasses and a black trilby.

Likes: Linux, caffiene, his laptop, parodies, pie, and pi (he's a math nerd... don't let him know I told you...)

Dislikes: Being called short, his laptop malfunctioning.

So what do you actually do around the website?

"Hayden keeps me from blowing anything up..." (Nathan)

"Basically, I keep the comic running (relatively) smoothly. I clean up Nathan's mess and stop him chasing something shiny on the technical side of the site."

What do you do in your spare time (When you're not working on the website, that is)

"Aside from doing homework, I'm a music/theatre geek, and rehearsals for that take up a lot of time. Gaming, reading and writing (one novel and two musicals) take up the rest of my time."


None. I've chosen to focus on studies instead, as nice as it would be to have some money once in a while.