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8th Nov 2009, 6:33 PM


house cleaning (metaphorically speaking, that is)

Just quickly want to clear some things about the comics;

* The characters are indeed based on real people. Any similarities to any people living or dead is because I tried to make them look something like the people they are based on. (Don't worry, if you think a character is based on you, it probably isn't. I've told the people I used, and they agreed to let me use their images and stuff... so it's not illegal and I haven't been stalking people so I can use them in my comics)

* Secondly, and lastly; The coffee shop is called "The Coffee Place." It is not an actual shop (that I know of) and the town it is set in is a generic town that I should probably come up with a name for but haven't yet. If you have any suggestions for the name of the town, you can post them in the comments section (keep it clean, please).

Nathan- AKA Antihero

8th Nov 2009, 4:43 PM



Just letting anyone who actually reads this already know that I'll (hopefully) be updating Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, technology and my life willing. If the comic is up late, I either have a good reason or my computer hates me... normally I'd put that as a good reason, but I'm not sure why the computer does it to me, so I can't guarantee it's a good reason...

"Bread and Circuses... That is all the people desire..." -Roman poet Juvenal (c 200)

7th Nov 2009, 9:25 PM


Now online...

Woo! I've been meaning to put these online for ages now, but haven't got around to it until now... I'll try to update regularly, but I can't make any promises seeing as technology hates me...

Also, the comics will have to be hand drawn and scanned into the site for a while, as the computer screwed up on me and I haven't re-installed my graphics pad stuff... hopefully soon...