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23rd Nov 2009, 11:27 PM


Things we have learnt from comics: pt1

When I first started writing and drawing comics, I had no real storyline, and the characters looked really weird. However, at one point, I drew Mitch (Blake) and his now-girlfriend, Stacey (Emily) dating. Around two months after said comic, they actually did start dating. I thought to myself 'this is strange.' Not that they were complaining or anything, in fact they'd forgotten about it (as had I) until I pulled out my folder of old comics and checked the date on it; two months later.

Now at that time, I had changed the format to the comics and I actually had a storyline and everything. I then drew Hayden (Sparx139) dating one of our other friends, Alicia (her character will be appearing in the comics shortly). They have both threatened me with a slow and painful death if this actually happens... Which leaves me confused; if they do get together, then they would be happy to be together... thus, they would have no reason to inflict painful, lingering death if they do start to date... hmmm...

This is the third... no, wait, fourth incarnation of the comic now, and I do have an entire storyline, which means that it makes a lot more sense. The first incarnation was just weird, and the second and third ones had lots of small story arcs in between random events. However, this makes me even more frightened. If Mitch actually runs off to Mexico, then I guess you can blame me...

Nathan- AKA Antihero

23rd Nov 2009, 12:18 AM


How to get rid of idiots

The worst thing about drawing/writing is that there's always the one 'make a suggestion for the sake of making a suggestion' guy. The guy who make a suggestion, only to realize how stupid it was and immediately say 'No, wait, I liked it better the other way.'

I once had a guy tell me that it would be cool if my comics had a moral at the end of each comic. A MORAL. He said 'hey, you know what? there should be a moral to the story.' My response was something along the lines of this: "No. My comics barely have a story for there to be a moral to." He kept it up, until finally I gave in. I drew a two panel comic. The first had a person laughing at a comic without a moral. The second (captioned "With a moral") had a man with his head exploding. Underneath this comic I wrote: "The moral of this story is; morals are stupid."

I haven't heard from him since.

P.S. This is not to say I don't want any suggestions. All suggestions are received equally and will be considered as such, just consider them before you send them, please...

Nathan- AKA Antihero

22nd Nov 2009, 9:07 PM


I'm back

Uh... hi again... Sorry I haven't been on lately and everything...

Ah, stuff apologising...

Look, my house has been renovated and stuff, so the room in which I keep the computer has been looking like a warzone for the past week, so I've only just gotten back online now (which is why todays comic is late). Hopefully I'll be able to update regularly now, but if not, I'll just do what I did last week and put them up on a timer to be shown on the site when they're due to go up...

*SIDE NOTE* I put the site on the webcomic list and apparently we're, like number 1,600 out of something like 15,000, which is cool. I did have something else to write now, but I forget... :s

Nathan- AKA Antihero

16th Nov 2009, 12:28 AM



So, our wonderful author is unavailable for the next few days, due to rennovations that are being done. Not to worry, the comics will still be published.

Speaking of renovations, the site is still getting smoothed out. I'm still making cosmetic changes to the layout, so I appologise if the site goes... strange... for a few minutes. I must have forgot to close a bracket somewhere...

If you have any complaints or suggestions about the layout (or just want to say that it's awesome =D), please contact us and give us your feedback. And if you have any suggestions for more pages, then send them as well.

13th Nov 2009, 12:05 AM


It LIVES!!!!

I'm sick. Not the good kind of sick either. The bad sick. The kind where I cough every half a minute until I feel like what I imagine Kane (John Hurt) must have felt like in Alien (If you really don't know what I'm talking about, follow the link posted below)*. It sucks ass. That is all you need to know (Or, if you followed the link, obviously you needed to know more).

In other news, I plan to get the comics up in colour starting from the Christmas strip this year (I hope. This will depend largely on whether or not my computer spazzez out on me again. In case you haven't noticed, my computer despises me with a passion. When Skynet takes over the world, my first thought will be that my computer had something to do with it. Sorry for all the movie references, my life is full of them, and when my immune system wears down, they all come to the surface).


Nathan- AKA Antihero