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10th Nov 2010, 1:18 AM



Because I'm just the techie, people probably haven't noticed that I've been shamelessly neglecting this website. Regardless, the reason I have is that I've been focused on end of year exams for VCE year 12 (last year of schooling before going on to University). Anyway, now that that's all finished, I now have more time than I know what to do with. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions - features that they'd like to see, send an email to

I'd like to note two things here:

If it's a storyline suggestion or feedback about the comics, you're talking to the wrong guy - I just keep this thing running smoothly.

No, I can't add comments to the blogs. That's in the hands of the folks over at comicfury (they host this thing), and the only thing I can do about that is ask, beg or throw a tantrum. There's been people asking for it, but nothing's happened yet.

So, get thinking. If I can do it, I will. Regardless, I'll reply to any requests for features and see what I can to to make them a reality.

13th Sep 2010, 9:14 PM



They're releasing Duke Nukem Forever (!) soon (!!!).

Now personally, I can still remember the old, classic 2D side scroller game from ages ago (ah, nostalgia), but seriously, this game was first announced in 1997! (Don't hold me to this, I was, like, 6 or 7 at the time, so it may have been earlier or later, but the time frame's there) To put this in perspective, it's taken longer to come out that Toy Story 3 has (10 years)!

It got pushed back and then re-announced, and then pushed back again... hell, I'm surprised it's even survived long enough for someone to realise they still haven't released the damn thing. Actually, now that I think about it, I've lost any interest whatsoever in that game franchise, so I'm not going to bother even looking at this game during my fortnightly rambles through the gaming sections of my local stores.


Anywho, in other news, I finally wound up getting my license today (excitement)! So if you're out on the streets around my area of town, let me know and i'll give you a head start fair warning If I'm out on the roads...

-Because I Can

23rd Aug 2010, 12:54 AM



So anyways, I'm feeling sick, but I managed to get the comic up (sorta) on time.

In other news, I managed to get down to see Scott Pilgrim vs The World today, and I gotta say, it is fan-freaking-tastic. Imagine one part Matrix, one part Juno, and a hundred parts AWESOME!, and you get this movie. Normally I'd exagerate this a lot, but I'm not kidding about this one. However, while in the cinema, I saw a movie trailer. now, have you ever seen a movie trailer, and then the movie, and then discovered that the promoters shoved every goo part of the movie into the three minutes or so that make the trailer? Yeah, that's about what I expect from THIS_MOVIE...

Anyways, I have to go now, and stuff, but if you get the chance, I reccomend Scott Pilgrim, it's a great movie, and... yeah, I guess I'll see you guys next time I get around to posting.

- Because I Can...

28th Jul 2010, 3:41 AM



So, how y'all doin'?

Anywho, surprisingly, I'm actually looking forward to a few movies coming out soon. For starters; Tekken. However, I'm also kinda cautious about this, mainly because it's a computer game turned into a movie and, as past experience has taught me, these are really easy to screw up. Now, you'll probably all be like 'Oh, but it's just Nathan saying that, he's a cynic, and really doesn't know much about these things." Oh really? Case in point; Tomb Raider. Now, I'm not even kidding about this. There were only two selling points to this movie, and they're both attached to Angelina Jolie (Ba-dum tish). No, I kid about this a lot, but seriously, the only reason this movie had a sequel, let alone the first movie, was because of all those hormonal, teenage guys out there who simply wanted to drool over Angelina in leather (see my explanation on fanboys back in comic 104 if you need further explanation). If you need further convincing on how Hollywood loves to destroy our childhoods, see THE_SUPER_MARIO_BROTHERS_MOVIE. Now, if you've just clicked that link, and now you think I'm joking or that it's a fan made trailer, I'm not, and it's not. That was the first ever computer game turned movie made. Personally, I'm surprised they made anything past that.

Secondly, I'm really excited about Scott Pilgrim versus the World. Wierd title, cool concept. It's based off a graphic novel (ala 300, Watchmen, etc.) but not an overly violent sort of one. It's very stylyzed violence with very computer-gamish sort of action sequences. In my mind, it has a lot going for it. For starters, it stars Michael Cera (Juno and Superbad) and is directed by Edgar Wright (Mr Shaun of the Dead himself). The graphic novel(s) it/themself is written by Bryan Lee O'Malley, whose style is very easily translated into a cinematic script, and if you have any free time without anything to do, I'd suggest both the comics and the movie.

Third, and lastly, again based off a comic series, is Jonah Hex. It's a weird little spooky western thing (Think Constantine crossed with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). Like I said, another one based on a comic series, originally released by DC (If you're not comic savvy, DC released Superman and Batman). It looks interesting, though it doesn't really have any big name actors like the Scott Pilgrim although it should be an awesome movie.

Anywho, I've taken up enough of your time, so I'm'a head off now.

- Because I Can...

Oh, right, just on a final note, the release dates for Australia: Tekken  and Jonah Hex on the 5th of August, and Scott Pilgrim will be released a week later, on the 12th.

24th Jul 2010, 1:26 AM


Delays expected

So anyways, I've been up for the better part of twelve hours coughing up parts of my lungs which- now I'm no doctor, but bear with we on this- I'm pretty sure are vital. So if Tuesday comes around and you still haven't heard from me, that's why.

No, but I'm kidding. About the lungs part anyway, I'm still not feeling the best I have, so I'm just letting you guys know that mondays comic might be a little bit late. Hopefully I should be better by then, but if not I might be a bit slow on getting it up. Check back in on tuesday if that happens to be the case.


- Because I Can...