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4th May 2011, 7:37 AM


So, then...

So my bike disintegrated today. I know, I know, you're probably all like, 'Oh, here's Nathan with one of his stupid jokes again', but no.

My bike is now in three pieces.

The handle-bars, the front wheel and the rest of the framework are all seperate now. They are held together only by the brake lines.


So anyway, I went to see Battle: Los Angeles and Limitless recently (read: in the last fortnight) and I wasn't disappointed. That's not to say they're great, but they could've been worse. Limitless has a cool concept (struggling writer discovers a drug that increases his mental facilities by over a thousand percent) and it stars Bradley Cooper, which means it's automatically okay in my books. Bradley Cooper is a severely underrated actor in my opinion, although at times it seems like the story let the movie down at times.

Battle: Los Angeles, on the other hand, had awesome special effects, huge explosions and Michelle Rodrigues, plus it starred Two-Face from the Dark Knight, which means it could have sucked and I still would have gone to see it. As a side note here, when Michelle Rodrigues walked on-screen for the first time in the movie, one of my friends leaned over to me and sort of whispered 'It's her kind of movie, I guess.' I sort of thought about that for a moment before I whispered back 'Well, look at her. It's not like she can play a more feminine role.' Seriously, Michelle Rodrigues is manlier than Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson combine- oh wait, I guess that's not saying that much...


- Because I Can...

19th Apr 2011, 10:22 PM


Okay, let's try that again.

Sorry for not updating in ages, but I've been busy finding and starting my new job. And moving house. And attending two funerals. And- well, you get the point.


But this shall be changed now! (Because I've actually got a det timetable with work now). The comics will remain updating Monday Wednesday and Friday, starting.. lessee, carry the oe.. oh, right. TODAY! This afternoon I'll add a comic and (hopefully) finish off the current storyline. :D YAYZ!


Oh, and also thanks to Hythlodeus, Jay042, and Jacob Gristlewood for the guest strips and for helping the site not die while I've been away.


Anyways, awesome. Be back later with a comic. Promise.

- Because I Can...


6th Apr 2011, 10:24 AM



Okay, that was a lie. Because I don't actually have a scanner at my current address, so I'll have to be doing everything with the library scanner now. Check back in next week.

4th Apr 2011, 12:18 AM


Good news, fellow peoples!

Comics shall resume... wednesday.


*Confetti and streamers*

22nd Mar 2011, 10:52 PM


Damnit, peoples

Soooo.... The Little Red Riding Hood trailer...

I'm watching it... I'm thinking 'Okay, this looks like it could be okay... in a sorta "wow, I really didn't expect this to be good, but it's okay" kind of way' and then BAM! "From the producers of Twilight." And then I lose interest and decide to go chew off my foot, because it'll be less painful.