• When do you update?
    The comic should be updated every monday, wednesday and friday. Should be. Computers can smell fear, so this isn't a promise.
  • I can't read the comic. Can I make it larger?
    Yes you can. Click on the comic to load it up in it's full size.
  • The comic is distorted. Why?
    The comic on the page is actually resized. Some web browsers don't handle this very well (firefox does a decent job). To see the full size image (without any resizing that causes distortion), click on the comic.
  • There are two people that make blog posts. Who's who?
    The two people running the comic are:
    Nathan -AKA Antihero. The writer. He runs the comic strip, blogs occasionally, and will sometimes (unintentionally, at least that's what he tells us) cause the site to crash at unexpected times without any warning whatsoever.
    Hayden -AKA Sparx139. Basically, this guy is the code monkey/techie. He keeps the site running. His blog posts will likely be when the writer doesn't post, or when there's been changes made to the site.
    More information is available on the "about the creators" page
  • How can I contact you?
    You can contact us on 1300-290-124-126* or, you can simply click on the "Contact Us" button for email addresses and a link to facebook.

    *call cost is $99 per minute. By using this service, you surrender your soul, car, house, and all other earthly possessions to strangerthanfiction inc. Strangerthanfiction inc. is not responsible for any injury that may occur as a result of your usage of this service, including but not limited to cardiac arrest, knife wounds, blindness, ruptured spleen, dismemberment, paranoia, castration, syphylis, burst eyeballs and nervous breakdown. May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts. Product not tested on animals. strangerthanfiction inc. advises you that you should not actually use this service, as it doesn't actually exist. Just click the "contact us" button already.
  • How can I subscribe using Comicfury?
    At the bottom of the page is a link called "Subscribe with ComicFury". Or, you can click here
  • Why is the FAQ so short?
    Quite frankly, because the techie is lazy and didn't want to brainstorm anything else to go on here. This list will grow with questions.