The Cast of Stranger Than Fiction





Not always the first with the plan, but still the one to get himself and his friends out of trouble, even if her got them into it in the first place.
He has a mean sarcastic streak, though he attempts to keep it in check for the most part. He hates stereotupes with a passion, claiming; "... they bring me out in a bad case of sarcasm..."






Young, pretty, and slightly naive... or is she? Chloe works for Emily at the coffee shop which Damian frequents, as the 'cute barista girl.' For the most part she seems clueless about what's going on around her, but at times she seems to know more than she's letting on...








Owner and manager of the coffee shop, Emily went to school with Damian and Blake, but still has trouble working out whether they're being serious or not. Considered the most 'normal' of the group (It's not saying much), she's the most level headed of the group, and is the one that takes charge when the situation calls for it.







Damian's roommate, Blake has a knack for finding trouble no matter where he goes, and no matter what he does. He will often disappear for days on end without warning, and then reappear just as suddenly (usually with the police or RSPCA close behind). Despite this, he is a loyal friend, willing to help clean up the mess he gets his friends into.







Despite her appearance, Jayne is a caring and loyal friend. She is the only person to have ever matched Damian in verbal sparring (Though he swears he was going easy on her). She considers herself to be the most normal of the group, but has resigned herself to the fact that that isn't saying much...